Direct Cremation

Our charge for direct cremation (without ceremony) includes: basic services of staff; a proportionate share of overhead costs; transportation of the remains (Mpls/St.Paul metro); actual cremation; a simple brown plastic urn; necessary authorizations and filing of the death certificate. If you want to arrange a direct cremation, you can use an alternative container.  Alternative containers are made from fiberboard.

Direct cremation with an alternative container

$ 1395.00

Additional Transportation 

If a death occurs outside of the Mpls/St. Paul metropolitan area there will be an additional charge to our facility beyond the first 25 miles (per mile one-way)

$ 2.00/mi

Cremation Urns

Cremation Urn Price Range (See urns here)

$ 95.00 to $ 490.00

Facilities and Related Staff Services

Use of our facility for memorial service or gathering

$ 890.00

Staff and equipment for Memorial Service at our facility

$ 290.00

Staff person and equipment to arrange and assist with a Memorial Service at another location

$ 590.00

Use of Reception Room for Luncheon

$ 195.00

Staff person & sedan for Graveside Services

$ 195.00

Cost for private viewing if autopsy was done

$ 75.00

Private viewing by family if during evening (past 8 PM) or weekend

$ 95.00

Other Items

Visitor register books (Choice of Design)

$ 29.00

Printed memorial folders (first 100)

$ 79.00

Each additional 50 memorial folders

$ 25.00

Acknowledgment cards (per box of 25)

$ 10.00

Cash Advances

Any ‘Cash Advances’ made on behalf of the family are additional. These might include obituary notices, flowers, honorariums to clergy or musicians, cremation permit, certified copies of the death certificate, or cemetery charges.